Charlie Morse
The Businessman
Vital statistics
Title Charlie Morse
Gender Male
Occupation Investment Banker
Family Wife: Charlotte Morse

Charlie Morse is one of the seven abductees.

He is the CEO of a very successful investment firm. According to, he is "a fierce fighter who doesn't take kindly to being intimidated or threatened."

In Episode 1, he states that his wife is mentally unstable and emotionally, if not physically, dependent on him. In Episode 3 it is revealed that he murdered his wife by smothering her with a pillow. When questioned by William, he justifies it by saying that she was suffering more by being alive. Later on, he hints to William that he killed his wife in relation to her continually harassing him with her "stupid ideas" after smothering William.

Charlie confided in Joe that when he was 1st kidnapped he though it wasn't "that bad" saying that dying wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. But, realizing how much he's missing from his life back home, he tells Joe he's worth $80 million and could get Joe "anything he wanted" if he was set free. Charlie was also the main factor in saving Joe from being red carded.

In Identity, it is suggested that Charlie embezzeled money from his investment firm.

Charlie's FortuneEdit

"Your wife is waiting for you."

Charlie's GiftEdit

The first page of the Financial Chronicle, which reports his suspected embezzlement.

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