Erika Taylor
The Addition
Portrayed By Kandyse McClure
Gender Female
Also known as Theresa Randolph
Last Location Prison
Current Location The Town, Almas Perdidas
Occupation Ex-Con
Family Son: Anton
First Appearance Incoming
Last Appearance Shadows in the Cave
Status alive

Erika Taylor is the eighth Abductee, brought to The Town in "Incoming".


She is a tough as nails ex-con who sees everyone as her enemy even her fellow abductees. Erika has an eleven year-old son named Anton and reveals that before arriving she was executed at a Texas prison in which she was confined, by lethal injection.

In "Identity" is is revealed her real name is Theresa Randolph, and Erika Taylor was the name of her cellmate.

In "Seven Sacrifices" she confesses her secret identity to Janet Cooper.

She gives Janet Cooper a nickname of "Bright Eyes" throughout the time she's on the show.

Erika's GiftEdit

A Campaign Poster for her son Anton, running for Class President