Janet Cooper
The Heroine
Vital statistics
Title Janet Cooper
Gender Female
Occupation Day Care Owner
Family Mother: Eleanor Sullivan
Daughter: Megan Cooper
Ex Husband: Mark Renbe
Location San Francisco, California

Janet Cooper is one of the seven abductees.

A day-care owner from San Francisco, Janet is a single mother to a five-year-old girl, Megan Cooper. According to Janet's mother who now takes care of Megan, she was once married, however the reason for her husband being absent is unknown. Janet stated that her mother, Eleanor Sullivan, was abusive, and have a distant relationship as a result. Janet has hired Mr. Edick to find her husband.

In "Exit One", we learn that her ex-husband is none other than Mark Renbe.

In "Identity" it is revealed that The Program has been watching Janet since her childhood.

In "Seven Sacrifices", Liam Ulrich brings her into The Program's Command Center of The Town.

Janet's room number is 606.

Janet's FortuneEdit

"Kill your neighbor and you'll go free."

Later changes to: "Kill Joe and You'll go free."

Janet's GiftEdit

A familiar stuffed rabbit from her childhood.

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