Joe Tucker
The Hero
Vital statistics
Title Joe Tucker
Gender Male
Occupation Priest
Family Mother: Debra Allen Tucker
Location New York

Joe Tucker is pretending to be one of the seven abductees.

According to, Joe Tucker is a natural leader who is forceful and direct. He alludes that he doesn't keep any friends, family, or a girlfriend, in his life, and that everyone in his life "can wait". Although he prefers to keep his personal life to himself, and never reveals what his occupation is or why he may have been abducted, in the "Pilot" he admits to Janet Cooper that he was in [New York] when he was abducted. He also appears to know military hand signals, as he signals to Sergeant Graham McNair during The Edge.

At the end of "Exit One", Joe enters The Shanghai Palace, and asks for the "number 47, okra special." The Waiter takes Joe into the freezer where there is a secret room where we learn that Joe is actually working with "them" (a.k.a. The Project)

In "Saved", Mark Renbe and Kat Damatto visit the San Nicasio church where Joe served. It is also revealed he killed a man.

Joe's FortuneEdit

"Your judgement is a little off at this point."

Joe's GiftEdit

His Bible

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