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Moira Doherty
Moira Doherty
The Doctor
Vital statistics
Title Moira Doherty
Gender Female
Occupation Psyche Patient
Location Sandusky, Ohio

Moira Doherty is one of the seven abductees.

Moira worked as a crisis counselor for a teachers' union. In Episode 2, she confides to Tori that up until being abducted, she was a patient at a mental hospital, which would explain her extensive knowledge of medications. While she is somewhat introverted and overly-trusting, she proves that she cares for the welfare of those around her.

In Identity she reveals she was molested by her father, while her mother watched. She later killed her parents.

Moira's FortuneEdit

She says it is just numbers.

Moira's GiftEdit

Her mother's head scarf, which she used to kill both her parents.


It is possible that Moira is not a woman. Reddit user jonahhh pointed out that in a closeup shot a M, as male, can be seen.


According to Kat Damatto's research, Moira disappeared from Sandusky, Ohio.

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