Season One, Episode One
Air date June 7, 2010
Written by Christopher McQuarrie
Directed by Michael Rymer
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"Pilot" is the first episode of Persons Unknown. It aired on Monday June 7, 2010. "A group of seven strangers must come together to solve the puzzle of their lives."


A group of seven seemingly unconnected, random people are kidnapped from across america and placed in a ghost town from which there seems to be no escape.

"Pilot" introduces the seven Abductees.



The episode begins with Janet Cooper in the park with her child, Megan. A man named Mr. Edick approaches Janet and asks to talk, he appears to be a private invesitigator who Janet has hired to try to find her ex-husband, however Janet has been unable to pay the fees and now believes that her ex-husband has paid "Mr. Eddec" to keep quiet. She turns around and when she can't see Megan, she begins to panic and sees a man walk behind a building with the balloon angel wings that Megan was wearing. Janet follows this man and is attacked by two men, one of which has a cloth presumably coated in chloroform. She is knocked unconsious and is dragged off. Megan is seen wandering around the park calling for her mommy.


When Janet awakes, she is in a hotel room. The room is locked and she hears someone outside the room. Looking around the room, she spots a camera watching her which she pleads to to let her see Megan. She then starts to look through the drawers finding only a bible, which she throws onto the bed before smashing the cabinet and attempting to pick the lock on the door with a splinter. Suddenly a man starts to call out from the other side of the door, before breaking it down. He tells Janet to relax, when she grabs a chair to hit him with.

He introduces himself as Joe and claims that "[he is] not one of them." Janet continues holding the chair and asks who "they" are. Joe replies that he does not know and that he woke up in his room five minutes beforehand. He got out of his room by finding a key in the bible that was in the drawer.

As Janet slowly begins to trust him, he walks over to the Bible on her bed, and shows her a key taped inside. She tells Joe that the last thing she remembers was being in the park with Megan in San Francisco. Joe responds by saying that he was in New York. Janet and Joe leave her room and get the others out of their rooms by telling them that there is the key in the bible. One by one, the others leave their room.

Trying to escape, Joe and McNair create a smoke to get the elevator working, which leads them to find themselves to discover they're in a hotel. They step out to discover they're alone.

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