Smoke and Steel
Season One, Episode Seven
Written by Michael R. Perry
Directed by Rod Hardy
Episode guide
The Truth
Now Joe Tucker is unmasked as one of the manipulators, Bill Blackham and Erika Taylor see that the gang abuses him horribly, despite his claim to have been 'promoted' years after his own abduction. Colleague Tom X is ordered to extract him at gunpoint, but ends up fatally shot himself. Next the survivors find their elaborate personal files planted in Joe's room, and shortly after removed again. Stefano D'Angelo promises his organization will get Mark Renbe and his lover-editor back safely, but it's Franklin Fairchild's connections who arrest them and the ambassador explains he's member of an omnipresent, almighty organization, invisible even to himself, which generously made his career and ordered Tori Fairchild's execution.

Series ArcEdit

According to Joe, The Project has been going on for over 50 years, and it run by a think tank, who makes wagers on the outcomes both inside and outside The Town.

According to Tom X, he and Joe are still part of the project even though the are not actually Abductees.

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