The Truth
Season One, Episode Six
Written by Sandy Isaac
Directed by Steve Shill
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Smoke and Steel
When Joe is struck ill, Erika holds the key to his cure, but refuses to provide it unless he answers her questions. Meanwhile, Renbe and Kat travel to Rome for Tori's funeral and meet with her father, who wants answers.


Mark Renbe drags his unamused lover, yet interested editor, along to Rome, where ambassador Franklin Fairchild buries his suspiciously killed wife. Joe Tucker's crush on Janet Cooper leads to the others suspecting him of being in cahoots with the mastermind. Poisoned, he's forced by newcomer Erika Taylor to 'confess', apparently frustrating program-dedicated Tom X's efforts to save Joe. Bill Blackham is the easy bullying prey, cruelly abused by Erika and her new cahoot.

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