Victoria Fairchild
The Femme Fatale
Vital statistics
Title Tori Fairchild
Gender Female
Occupation Socialite
Family Father: Franklin Fairchild
Fiancee: Stefano D'Angelo
Location Rome, Italy

Tori Fairchild is one of the seven abductees.

Tori Fairchild is a privileged, pragmatic, and manipulative daughter of Ambassador Frankin Fairchild the American ambassador to Italy and former head of the CIA. She woke up in The Hotel having no knowledge of where she was, and thought she had "partied too much." She believes that her father, is responsible for her abduction.

In "The Way Through", she is hassled by Bill Blackham and is nearly sexually assaulted before she uses self-defense skills to take him down. Her martial arts skills were anything but amateur. In "The Way Through", She is one of the persons almost killed by the gas mask, but is saved by Janet Cooper.

In "Incomming", Tori was found by a public worker lying face up in a fountain in Rome. She is revealed to be dead, and her father is called in to identify her body. Conversely, back in town, on a television she is shown to Moira to have been found safe and unharmed and returned to her father.

In "The Truth", it is revealed that Tori is engaged to Stefano D'Angelo.

In "Saved", Tori appears in the Reeducation Facility to attend to Joe Tucker and points out The Program has given her a vocation.

In "Shadows in the Cave", Tori reappears and seems to be replacing the previous Night/Day Managers just in time for the new "recruits" for Level 1. Maybe her "new position" has something to do with her fortune, as she seems to be elevated in rank (she is mostly likely part of "them", as she appeared to Joe during his interrogation and is now The Manager).

Tori's FortuneEdit

"You will soon win some high prize or reward."


According to Kat Damatto's research, Tori was abducted from Rome, Italy.

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