William Blackham
William Blackham
Vital statistics
Title William Blackham
Gender Male
Occupation Car Salesman
Location Phoenix, Arizona

Bill Blackham is one of the seven abductees.

According to, Bill is a slick opportunist whose first priority is himself. Blackham describes himself in Episode 1 as a "used-car salesman", and stated that the last thing he remembers before finding himself in the hotel was being pulled over by the police in a traffic stop. He proves to be very mistrustful of those around him.

In Episode 3, he laughingly tells Charlie when he asks, that he is not a car salesman.

In Exit One, he blackmails Charlie to start a chain of private parks called Freshairrr, that is, until Charlie smothers him with a pillow almost to the point of unconsciousness.

Bill's FortuneEdit

"By helping someone else, you also help yourself."

Bill's GiftEdit

His old high school football and an obituary for his football coach.


According to Kat Damatto's research, Bill disappeared from Phoenix, Arizona.

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